Lying Until Proven Honest

Now before I begin, I’d like to make one thing very clear - typically, I wouldn’t like to only speak about women as sexual assault victims as it is obvious that they are not the only member of society to be targeted. Men, women, everyone in between, and children suffer the atrocity that is sexual assault. But unsurprisingly: Donald Trump has made it an issue of men vs. women.

Why Equality is Controversial

How did we get here? S(ocial) J(ustice) W(arrior)s, cringe compilations and the goddamn media. Media, I love you, you gave the world films, comics, YouTube and video games; so why did you also have to give us films, comics, YouTube and video games?  Media platforms spawn bad ideas, that’s hardly a new or controversial thing... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know How To Be A Feminist

I don’t know how to be a feminist. Because the meaning has been twisted. It’s a bad thing now, isn’t it? It means I hate men It means I don’t know what I’m talking about.   I don’t know what a feminist is, Because I’ve been told countless times the gender pay gap doesn’t exist,... Continue Reading →

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