Why TERFs are not Feminists

Over the past year or so I've noticed a term that keeps popping up: "terfs". On the news; at rallies; in comment sections on social media. But what are they? It's an acronym which stands for: "trans-exclusionary radical feminists". What is a feminist? Taking the Merriam-Webster definition, it's someone who believes in the: "social, political and... Continue Reading →

The Gender Narrative

Feminism, for me, has become an exhausting word. It’s not that I reject the label, I’m just getting tired of what the movement seems to mean to most people. I’m tired of the media stories always being about cis-white women’s middle class issues, tired of constantly defending myself and watering down my opinions to reassure people I’m not a ‘feminazi,’ and tired... Continue Reading →

Binaries are Harmful, Not Just Bad

As a quick aside, a question to the reader: is there a God? Judeo-Christian, Zoroastrian, Islamic, it doesn’t matter. The point is there is no yes or no answer. Why is this such a controversial opinion in politics then? Using gender as a bridge to explain my ideas and their compatibility, this should help re-examine... Continue Reading →

The Politicisation of Gender Identity

The one thing that I hate the most about online debates over gender is that it takes the authoritative voice as gospel for defining key words within the debate. This, of course, is the dictionary. The dictionary is not meant to be taken as the sole dictator of truth, and especially not on matters so... Continue Reading →

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