Problems with the #MeToo Campaign

For a bit of context, the #MeToo campaign is a movement against sexual harassment and sexual assault. Going viral in October 2017, the development of the hashtag, and its wider implications, was driven primarily by high-profile, successful actresses, such as Jennifer Lawrence and Uma Thurman, who describe themselves as feminists. This came soon after the allegations of sexual... Continue Reading →

Individualism vs Collectivism on Discrimination

When this issue’s theme first came out, my thoughts first gravitated to writing  my article on individual vs collectivism in terms of the economy. However, this article is going to focus on individualism vs collectivism from a social point of view, the key idea being that collectivism increases discrimination in society, as a result of categorising... Continue Reading →

Arguments for Brexit

June 23rd, 2016. Independence Day. The UK electorate voted, against all odds, to leave the European Union. And they did it against the will of the then-Prime Minister, the then-Chancellor, the Leader of the Opposition, the then-President of the US, and against the will of just under ¾ of MPs. In fact, against the majority... Continue Reading →

No Party for any Party?

Since the EU Referendum in 2016, and more recently the 2017 General Election, the sentiment coming from many in the UK is one of dissatisfaction in the two main political parties - the Conservatives and Labour. In a political system in which there is consensus of a two-party state, if neither party satisfies your ideology... Continue Reading →

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