Family Values

Alt right politics. We hear that phrase broadcasted on American news a lot - but not from Fox of course. The outright denial of the danger of far-right American politics looms more than ever, with the legitimisation of something close to Neo-nazism in the political arena. Trump allows far-right ideology a leg up into daily... Continue Reading →


A short poem about ICE and their detainment centres on the border with Mexico. To the giant I saw, dancing the halls Your painted cape reaching, metal full of thoughts You don’t know how to whistle. So you pester the boy and the girl and the calls That those men make for food.   To... Continue Reading →

Why I Reject the Label ‘Feminist’

I understand that the title of this article might be misleading, but I do not see feminism as 'man hating' and I do not see feminism as wishing for superiority of men, because it's not. I understand the definition of feminism as the manner of bringing up the rights of women to equal those of... Continue Reading →

The Grab for Power

Democratic coalitions in British government have been a political presence since the beginnings of democracy, with the first occurring in 1852, 20 years after vaguely democratic reforms began to appear in Parliament. It is difficult to gain a measure of whether democratic coalitions are indeed effective - less or more so than individual party majorities... Continue Reading →

Party Politics and the Negative Effect on the Economy and Society in the Long Haul.

How can we not remember a childhood dream of a future utopia to grow into, to become a part of? Politically, such a utopia is not possible. Theoretical communism has proved that just in terms of simple politics and personal dictatorships. A semi-socialist policy should end with a country in debt but a wholly capitalist policy should end with a widening gap between the bottom and top 10% in terms of wealth. We have never been presented with a system that is other, so that a society may be allowed to progress without falling under crippling debt - and into the trap of bankruptcy.

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