We Shouldn’t Dismiss Trump, We Must Understand Him

Ignoring your opposition is easy in a world where division is so prominent. But, in the case of Trump, ignorance is what gained him the Presidency as he gave a voice to those who the liberal Establishment forgot. If we want to learn anything from Trump's time in the White House, its that we cannot dismiss our opponents, we must understand them.

Trump: Politically challenged?

Donald Trump, the millionaire businessman turned President, may go down in history as one of the most politically incompetent and inexperienced POTUS' in history, but just how much truth is there to this? Whilst the President is indeed completely lacking in any previous political experience, his record of political involvement is not so squeaky clean.... Continue Reading →

Individualism: Bridging the Divide

"The smallest minority in the world, is the individual" – Ayn Rand. Rand grew up in Russia, during the second revolution, fleeing only when it was clear that her beliefs and refusal to accept the new regime would likely lead to her death. And so she fled to America and started a new life, first... Continue Reading →

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