Collectivising My Thoughts

What is it to be ‘collective’? Well, in my opinion, to support collectivism in any way one must have the vaguest semblance of the idea of community. You might spot someone riding the bus, making friendly chatter with the lady in front, or the man to his left – all regular fellow travellers perhaps. Alternatively,... Continue Reading →

Brexit’s Biggest Blunders

From my personal stance politically, it is probably expected that I will produce some type  of anti-tory diatribe, but no, actually this is a genuine commentary on the state of the nation approaching the cliff’s edge that Brexit may be. It should be mentioned that this shall not be your typical ‘Remoaner’ or ‘Brexiteer’ argument... Continue Reading →

Oh, Jeremy Corbyn

Go on, YouTube it. Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury festival. What is it that attracted the masses to come and sing his praises at Glastonbury in their hundreds of thousands? Could it be his progressive policies on tuition fees, the belief that free education is a right for all? Or could it be perhaps his pledge... Continue Reading →

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