We Shouldn’t Dismiss Trump, We Must Understand Him

Ignoring your opposition is easy in a world where division is so prominent. But, in the case of Trump, ignorance is what gained him the Presidency as he gave a voice to those who the liberal Establishment forgot. If we want to learn anything from Trump's time in the White House, its that we cannot dismiss our opponents, we must understand them.

The Debate in Today’s Youth

To me, this debate will always be to some extent a case of Tories vs Labour, and the core beliefs associated with each party. To readers who may not understand these concepts, collectivism is defined as ‘the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it.’ In other words, working together... Continue Reading →

Individualism vs Collectivism on Discrimination

When this issue’s theme first came out, my thoughts first gravitated to writing  my article on individual vs collectivism in terms of the economy. However, this article is going to focus on individualism vs collectivism from a social point of view, the key idea being that collectivism increases discrimination in society, as a result of categorising... Continue Reading →

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