Trump: Politically challenged?

Donald Trump, the millionaire businessman turned President, may go down in history as one of the most politically incompetent and inexperienced POTUS' in history, but just how much truth is there to this? Whilst the President is indeed completely lacking in any previous political experience, his record of political involvement is not so squeaky clean.... Continue Reading →

Is There Another Way?

Nurture vs Nature; Capitalism vs Communism; Pineapple on pizza vs Pineapple-less pizza. These are all key debates that have been argued back and forth, without any real resolution, but what of the debate of Individualism vs Collectivism. This, like the debate of Capitalism vs Communism, is extraordinarily influential on the way people live their lives;... Continue Reading →

Party Politics. How Big an Issue?

Labour. Conservative. Liberal Democrat. The parties that claim to represent different sections of our society are the very foundation of our democratic political system, providing the people, in theory, with a democratic state in which Demos Kratos is truly valued. However, as the parties compete relentlessly for our support by hurling insults at one another... Continue Reading →

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