We Shouldn’t Dismiss Trump, We Must Understand Him

Ignoring your opposition is easy in a world where division is so prominent. But, in the case of Trump, ignorance is what gained him the Presidency as he gave a voice to those who the liberal Establishment forgot. If we want to learn anything from Trump's time in the White House, its that we cannot dismiss our opponents, we must understand them.

Ode to America

Perhaps if my glass was always half full, I’d be able to raise it in a solemn toast To the man that runs the country some Thousand miles over the air; because I can Sit in bars, and drink my spirits to oblivion - If only they had the same privilege as I.


A short poem about ICE and their detainment centres on the border with Mexico. To the giant I saw, dancing the halls Your painted cape reaching, metal full of thoughts You don’t know how to whistle. So you pester the boy and the girl and the calls That those men make for food.   To... Continue Reading →

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