The Fallacy of Free Will

One of the key tenets of individualism is that of free will, and by extension, personal responsibility, a phrase that has seen plenty of use by New Right pundits and politicians when discussing issues of social mobility and discrimination. The reason for this is that conservative ideas often seem fairer than they are when you... Continue Reading →

Collectivising My Thoughts

What is it to be ‘collective’? Well, in my opinion, to support collectivism in any way one must have the vaguest semblance of the idea of community. You might spot someone riding the bus, making friendly chatter with the lady in front, or the man to his left – all regular fellow travellers perhaps. Alternatively,... Continue Reading →

The Debate in Today’s Youth

To me, this debate will always be to some extent a case of Tories vs Labour, and the core beliefs associated with each party. To readers who may not understand these concepts, collectivism is defined as ‘the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it.’ In other words, working together... Continue Reading →

Are We Not Bored of Binaries Yet?

Ah! Individualism vs Collectivism: the age-old, philosophical debate! But, do we really need to be having it? Hm, I’m not so sure. All the political theory books that dominate Cambridge wider reading lists are trying to answer this question – whether they say so or not – because politics is, at its core, about how... Continue Reading →

Is There Another Way?

Nurture vs Nature; Capitalism vs Communism; Pineapple on pizza vs Pineapple-less pizza. These are all key debates that have been argued back and forth, without any real resolution, but what of the debate of Individualism vs Collectivism. This, like the debate of Capitalism vs Communism, is extraordinarily influential on the way people live their lives;... Continue Reading →

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