Binaries are Harmful, Not Just Bad

As a quick aside, a question to the reader: is there a God? Judeo-Christian, Zoroastrian, Islamic, it doesn’t matter. The point is there is no yes or no answer. Why is this such a controversial opinion in politics then? Using gender as a bridge to explain my ideas and their compatibility, this should help re-examine... Continue Reading →

Conservatives, Labour and who?

Traditionally, Britain has operated under a two-party system whereby two fairly equally matched parties compete for power at elections leaving others with little realistic chance of breaking their duopoly. Since 1924, the two major parties in the UK have been the Conservatives and Labour. Whilst the UK has never witnessed a single-party system as seen... Continue Reading →

Party Politics. How Big an Issue?

Labour. Conservative. Liberal Democrat. The parties that claim to represent different sections of our society are the very foundation of our democratic political system, providing the people, in theory, with a democratic state in which Demos Kratos is truly valued. However, as the parties compete relentlessly for our support by hurling insults at one another... Continue Reading →

Are We Heading in the Left Direction?

One-thousand-one-hundred-and-ninety-one years ago in 827AD, the first monarch was established to rule over all of Anglo-Saxon England. King Egbert’s appointment began an era of politically right leaders which would last for centuries to come. British nobility embodied everything that characterises extreme Conservatism, as Roger Eatwell argues, the ideology of the right contains four traits: anti-democracy,... Continue Reading →

Oh, Jeremy Corbyn

Go on, YouTube it. Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury festival. What is it that attracted the masses to come and sing his praises at Glastonbury in their hundreds of thousands? Could it be his progressive policies on tuition fees, the belief that free education is a right for all? Or could it be perhaps his pledge... Continue Reading →

The Fruitcake Invasion

Fruitcakes, loonies, closet racists. Call them you want but the United Kingdom Independence Party was formed with one primary goal: to secure Britain’s escape from the European Union and they have almost succeeded. In doing so, they did banish themselves into the political wilderness once again but, given the choice, Nigel and his merry men... Continue Reading →

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