Brexit’s Biggest Blunders

From my personal stance politically, it is probably expected that I will produce some type  of anti-tory diatribe, but no, actually this is a genuine commentary on the state of the nation approaching the cliff’s edge that Brexit may be. It should be mentioned that this shall not be your typical ‘Remoaner’ or ‘Brexiteer’ argument... Continue Reading →

“Controlling Immigration”

"We will remain an open and tolerant country, and one that recognises the valuable contribution migrants make to our society and welcomes those with the skills and expertise to make our nation better still. But in the future we must ensure we can control the number of people coming to the UK from the EU." -... Continue Reading →

Brexit Round 2

Brexit. Love it, hate it, sick of it? Either way you will have no doubt heard about the possibility of a second referendum, a pledge that the Liberal Democrats, among others, have pushed forward into their 2017 manifesto. Their ‘Exit from Brexit’ campaign aiming to sway voters, and appeal to those who were still adamantly... Continue Reading →

Relatively Impartial

As one of the nation’s youth; I’m aware of the stereotypical view, (and the most logical due to the impact for my generation), Brexit is bad. And like 48.1% of the UK, I do agree that Britain should have voted to remain in the EU. However, I can understand some of the reasons behind the... Continue Reading →

The Silenced Youth

While Brexit is continuing to be a very controversial topic, splitting the nation 51.8% leave to 48.11% remain, this figure is representative of the 18+ society, so what does Britain’s youth typically think of Brexit? While you, as a reader, may have your own opinions, however strong they are, typically, in the younger demographic, studies... Continue Reading →

The Lazy Attitude to Brexit

Theresa May and her Thatcherite pals’ ‘No Deal’ dogma has allowed these ‘Remoaners' to grasp the opportunity to denounce the entire idea of Brexit as ‘dangerous’. She has lost her authority as Prime Minister. Fellow observers can agree, since taking residency at Downing Street, her handling of Brexit has gone from being like Joseph Stalin,... Continue Reading →

Arguments for Brexit

June 23rd, 2016. Independence Day. The UK electorate voted, against all odds, to leave the European Union. And they did it against the will of the then-Prime Minister, the then-Chancellor, the Leader of the Opposition, the then-President of the US, and against the will of just under ¾ of MPs. In fact, against the majority... Continue Reading →

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