Family Values

Alt right politics. We hear that phrase broadcasted on American news a lot – but not from Fox of course. The outright denial of the danger of far-right American politics looms more than ever, with the legitimisation of something close to Neo-nazism in the political arena. Trump allows far-right ideology a leg up into daily politics, as the media labels such figures as merely ‘controversial’. The media, and general use of the word, puts America in a position where they level Obamacare on the same platform as extreme conservative politics. To present extremist views as democratically acceptable legitimises them, and allows them space in rational politics.

To present extremist views as democratically acceptable legitimises them.

Now the issue is how Trump specifically not only allows this to happen, but panders to potential allies in the same direction. We heard a while back, at the beginning of his Presidency, that he was selectively inviting news agencies to his press conferences, leaving out the more liberal such as CNN. The deprivation of an equaliser in the political arena forces America to rely steadily more and more on blatantly bigoted news, changing the demographic almost entirely. Trump has not only legitimised abuse of the American political system, effectively blackmailing the government into paying for a wall that he previously promised Mexico would pay for, but in doing so he pushes himself further into this media monster they have created. It only allows him to manipulate his image further, to become this radical American ‘hero’ figure. Much like Hitler, he has a ‘solution’ to the issue. 

Trump’s base of power calls for ‘respect’ of the figure because of his position. But this call for respect – which was in no way paid to Obama by the same groups – only seeks to hide the underbelly of Trump’s politics. He appeals to such a sense of self denial that it enters cognitive dissonance on the part of his hypocritical base – an America that supports traditional ‘family values’ is only supporting their family and how Trump will give them advantage. This blind respect is worrying, a lack of questioning leaves a figure like Trump with more power than he should have; due to his unwavering support Trump has become untouchable with criticism and is still able to appear as having a ‘solution’. 

The wall verges on ridiculous, feeding off a sense of entitlement to jobs and wages that poverty is not fulfilling in an America with little to no welfare. Trump becomes this mythical figure, vowing to build a sky high wall so as to stop the foreign ‘threat’. It is a literal manifestation of America’s sinister underbelly; an American Dream that was only ever achievable for the white man.

Donald Trump is the kind of figure that leaves waves of radicalism in his wake, something that hopefully will be recovered. 
Good luck America – your ‘family values’ don’t quite cut it. 

Written by Ria Davies

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