Pulling the Plug on the Establishment: How Donald Trump Overcame Adversity to become President.

Disclaimer – This might be an unpopular opinion but if you admire freedom of speech, then you will be able to give me a chance to persuade you to think differently; as we live in a liberal democracy, we should treat others with the rights and freedoms we are granted.

The story of President Trump and how it came to be, is a long and interesting one. From the escalators of Trump Tower, to the Oval Office at the White House, this almost fairytale-like story shocked the Establishment and sent the liberal media into a crazed frenzy, in which they still have not recovered. If the Democratic Party doesn’t get its act together, Trump’s ideals will carry on flourishing in America. Trump had the whole swamp against him, now he has to drain it.

We all know the famous scene from 16th June 2015, Donald Trump, going down the escalators in Trump Tower, to announce his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. No one gave him a chance from day one. President Obama even thought he was running for a joke. This idea was reinforced when he called all Mexicans “rapists” and suggested they were bringing drugs into the US. The media pundits thought he had committed political suicide, even before his political career started. However, what Trump did was extremely clever.

In order to appeal to those individuals in the Republican party and rely on their vote in the Primaries, Trump had to speak with harsh rhetoric on social issues, such as immigration and defence. You can say all you want about Donald Trump, but he was always ahead on the opinion polls during the Republican primaries and tore down Jeb Bush and other Establishment Republicans in brutal fashion during the debates. This is shown by the result of the primaries. Trump got 45% of the vote which was 20% more than his nearest opponent, Ted Cruz. Trump soon became the presumptive nominee after his opponents withdrew from the race and the RNC declared him as their candidate on the evening of 3rd May 2016.

Speaking of polls, they were never fond of Trump and always favoured Clinton. While Trump ironically, had no trump card, Clinton had all the tricks under her sleeve. She had the media, such as CNN and MSN. She had the elitist donors and the big bank lobbies backing her, such as George Soros and Wall Street. All seemed well at Hillary’s campaign headquarters. But as we all know, she lost. Her blind ignorance led to the Democratic Party losing the Presidency and remaining as the minority in both of the House of Representatives and Senate during November 2016. Trump easily passed the 270 electoral college votes needed to become President as he retook the ‘rust-belt’ states which had been forgotten by Obama and his insiders.

Even when he became President-elect, the very same individuals in the Establishment who doubted him, were now trying to bring him down. News channels echoed the story of Russian collusion and tax returns. Instead of trying to build up bridges they once had with the American people, the Democrats still carried on this narrative and failed to see what they did wrong in the US election and the events leading up to it; those who choose to remain ignorant, will ultimately and simply become blind.

This witch-hunt will not weaken his position, but it will strengthen it. The midterms only reinforced this. Rather than a blue ‘wave’, it was more a blue ‘drizzle’. Trump strengthened his grip on the Senate and while he did lose the House of Representatives, the Senate has more power to appoint Supreme Court nominees. Further, without the Senate, the Democrats can’t even implement their own policies or try to impeach Trump.

While I don’t agree with his economic policy, such as the tax cuts to the top 1% and his tariffs on steel (harming our already crumbling steel industry), it is fair to say that Donald Trump has not had an easy time at the White House. He is right to target ‘fake news’ and call them the enemy of the people as they are turning the people against each other. Neighbours against foes. Friends against strangers.

I fully support Donald Trump in his fight against the Establishment that wish to see him out. I tell him, do not let them see the back of you, they wish to use your back as a dart board. If only we had another populist figure in the United Kingdom…

Written by Tyler Reeton

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