Why the Left Should Embrace Brexit and Respect the Result


Britain became independent on the 23rd of June in 2016. Britain voted in favour of leaving the European Union by a margin of 52% to 48%. The difference; 17.4 million votes, compared to 16.1 million votes. So why has it become the norm to criticise those who seek to respect the result and deliver what the electorate had voted for? It is safe to say that the majority of the British Left has declared war and fought bloody battles against Brexit. They accuse and blame those who voted for Brexit as ‘Racists, Fascists, Xenophobes’ and before you know it, they have called them all the names under the sun. As a member of the British Labour Party, I dedicate this article to those who class themselves as the ‘left’; lets embrace Brexit and all the benefits it will generate for this country.

Something I must clear up beforehand, re-joining the European Union, through a another referendum is one of the most catastrophic proposals ever laid out in the history of Great Britain. Not only is it horribly ironic (called a ‘Peoples’ vote’ while single-handedly rejecting the result that the people voted for), but it will force Britain to accept the EU’s new obligations for re-applying to the European Union under Article 49. These include  commitment to joining the Euro and losing our pound sterling, as well as allowing passport-free movement within our country. This would threaten our social and economic stability: our sovereignty lost, our currency lost, and our heritage lost. This is not the road that we should be riding on to reach the destination for a more prosperous country. In the end of all this madness, this decision would hurt those who the supporters of this motion, in fact, wish to defend from the ‘fallout’ of Brexit. 

These “remoaners” in the Labour Party can’t understand why the leadership is supporting Brexit. I will tell you why they are supporting Brexit. Out of the seats held and gained by the Labour Party in the 2015 election, two thirds of them had indeed voted leave in the 2016 EU referendum. Our core voters, who are working-class, voted overwhelmingly to leave (64%). If we re-join the European Union, how are we going to appeal to these people? They have felt betrayed by Westminster and Brussels and now, the only party which is meant to stand up to the injustices faced by the working-classes, have also betrayed them.

In general, the Left must stop believing and portraying Brexit as a radical, Tory-led, right-wing utopian plan. So far, the Tories have taken the hill-side advantage over Brexit policy, but we can take a surprise offensive to send them off guard and defeat them. If you look back at the past to the early twentieth century, the Labour Party rejected the application to join the EEC, under the leadership of Hugh Gaitskell. Even after we joined the EEC under Heath’s government in the early 1970s, the Labour Party was still divided over the topic of Europe. Due to a fractured party, this led to the EEC referendum in 1975 taking place. Being in the EU (and in the EEC) has had limited support from the Labour Party throughout the years, so it is foolish to suggest that the Labour movement has always had a love affair with Europe. Now that Brexit is going to happen, we must use this time to reflect on what our vision will be for a Britain not in the EU.

Brexit can be a wonderful thing. It can enable us to control our own laws, control our borders, which have been heavily criticised for being too free, and allow us not to be tied in other countries’ affairs and focus on our own country. That is a beautiful thought. Instead of downgrading our country and being pessimistic about the future, let’s become optimistic and use the European Union as a template to compare with. What I mean is this, lets be better than the EU in terms of rights, protections and laws. If the EU implements a climate change agenda, lets implement a better one. If the EU wishes to expand businesses through economic change, let us implement a greater business plan for our economy and allow local business to thrive.

The final message is clear, Brexit is going to happen. The matter at hand is how do we deliver a better Brexit for our Great Britain. If we simply change to a remain stance, so many working voices will be silenced. If this happens and we betray the trust of the working man and woman, the islands of red in the country, particularly in the North, will be swallowed by a tsunami of blue and this Party will be left, floating dead in the water.

Written by Tyler Reeton

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