The Lazy Attitude to Brexit

Theresa May and her Thatcherite pals’ ‘No Deal’ dogma has allowed these ‘Remoaners’ to grasp the opportunity to denounce the entire idea of Brexit as ‘dangerous’. She has lost her authority as Prime Minister. Fellow observers can agree, since taking residency at Downing Street, her handling of Brexit has gone from being like Joseph Stalin, to Mr Bean. A ‘No Deal’ will be a consequence of a divided government and a ‘Tired Tory’ leader, who has no desire to use her (limited) energy to fight for her country.

On the day of the second-year anniversary of the in/out referendum, thousands took to the streets of London and occupied the city in a Coup d’état; to proclaim ‘Revolution!’ as they marched against Brexit. The millennials put down their Starbucks coffee, turned off their Apple MacBooks and seized the means of which to replace the Union Jack with a sea of EU flags in our capital. The anti-Brexit supporters had won in terms of shaping the current agenda in the media for their favour. This must have been very demoralising for the Prime Minister, for she used to be the one to shape the current agenda. 

Her approach of appeasement of both the hard-line, mad Brexit supporters and the loony ‘Remoaners’ has failed – her recent Chequers plan has caused her government to be divided more than ever and has led to key Tories, such as, Boris Johnson and David Davis, resigning. She needs to go. Even Jacob Rees-‘mug’ agrees that “she has always been a Remainer”, so why should someone who doesn’t even agree with Brexit oversee it? With the March 2019 deadline approaching, a ‘No Deal’ is becoming a harsh reality that the whole country faces. But what exactly is a ‘No Deal’? The consequences of ‘No Deal’ would affect almost every aspect of life, and it is impossible to say exactly how the events would unfold. The UK and the EU’s trade will cease to exist under its current form as WTO tariffs will be applied, the rights for EU citizens would effectively be removed overnight and a hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland will be reinstated, igniting the troubles once more. The consequences are too disastrous.

As Boris Johnson said in his statesmen-like resignation speech, “it’s not late to save Brexit.” Something must be done to save Brexit. When did Brexit suddenly mean remain? This Prime Minister reminds me of a ripped-up, damp cloth, being squeezed dry by her Party. We are being laughed at by the European Union in our negotiations; he British bulldog is having its lead pulled by the EU. In simple terms, she must resign as Prime Minister if Brexit is going to be carried out.

Written by Tyler Reeton

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